Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fantacy vs Reality

She looked beautiful that night.  Her auburn hair fell gently around her oval face.  Her tan complexion accented her dark eyes and the simple black dress completed the nearly-perfect picture.  A drop pearl necklace and earings added the final touch.  She knew she looked "tempting and delicious"--she had planned it that way, and picked the dress to accent her slim but firm body.  She felt content with herself as she surveyed the room she had designed to reflect her feminine, mysterious personality.  She especially loved the plush deep blue carpet, the soft blue furniture and the accents of beige.  For mystery, she had added Chinese vases and modern art pictures and a transparent glass table with tiny Chinese music boxes.

She responded to the doorbell, dimming the lights and turning on soft music as she went past the switches.  She opened the door and there he was--tall, handsome, sexual.  She loved his smell and his masculine appeal--everything about him was perfect.  He gathered her into his arms and they made love with their eyes, only briefly, before he kissed her passionately and deeply.  This evening would be perfect--two peple in love, alone in the world for a brief passing of time. . .

Love is portrayed in so many ways, and through our fantacies, we become beautiful and sensual, if only for a few moments.

But, love is more that "perfect people and perfect romance", as movies, TV and literature suggest.

Love is . . .getting up very early in the morning almost every day to keep a family going financially, working hard and being awfully tired.  And what keeps you going?  A simple concern, "How was your day?" or a child ready for a hug, or even a kiss on the cheek   Someone to share the little things with---

Love is . . . brief encounters at odd hours in odd places to avoid clinging children and prowling teenagers and enduring all of the times in between---

Love is . . . walking through a house so cluttered you want to cry, day after day, and then coming home one day and finding the kitchen clean when yhou know you didn't do it ---

Love is. . . sacrificing, always sacrificing, so others can have what they want or need and hardly ever thinking of yourself---

Love is . . .overlooking imperfections and forgiving mistakes because you know a person can only do so much---

Love is . . . getting up at 6 on Saturday to do your sick son's paper route, and realizing your partner is going to help you---

Love is . . .patience, understanding, encouragement, respect, hope, when raising your kids---

Love is . . .getting away once in awhile, alone, to keep fires burning and making it special---

Love is.. . .T-ball, Little League, Babe Ruth, Junior Varisity, Varsity, Piano recitals, Dance recitals,        Judo, Soccar,  Primary programs, Christmas programs--You know what I mean!---

Love is . . looking past body and face into character and spirit---

Love is . . .working together for eternal goals
                  sharing ideas and  problems
                   doing the dishes
                    hot chocolate and popcorn
                    understanding and encouraging
                     sickness and health
                      poverty and riches
                       for better or for worse
                       warming toes on a cold night---



Kimberly said...

Excellent reminder to everyone about what love truly is. Glad to see you back blogging!!

Krissy said...

Of course we read your blog--when you actually update it! Nice philosophical post!

kc and k said...

Uhhhhh. You know I can't read complicated stuff. Love you, Mom!